Thursday, July 24, 2008

Freebie Trading Forums

One of the most popular way to get referrals to complete freebie sites is through freebie forums.

There are two ways to make money on a freebie forum. You can get paid to complete offers as a referral for someone or you can pay people to complete offers as a referral for you.

It is typical on the forums to start out by the first method. This is great because not only do you get the site to use for yourself, but you also get paid by someone to do it. This can offset the cost of the offer that you completed or even give you profit if you are getting paid more than the cost of the offers that you did.

Once you have a few sites under your belt and you know how completing offers and dealing with sites works then you can start paying referrals yourself.

The forums all use a form of Trade Tracking. This keeps track of all of the trades that you did on that particular forum. The higher your number gets the more it shows you as being a reliable, knowledgeable trader.

One big thing about the forums is that they all have different rules. Make sure if you sign up for any of them that you follow each ones rules. If you don't then you can get banned from the forum and lose out on that possible line of income that you could get from it.

Here are some of the freebie trading forums around. They are all free, but there are some upgrade and verification options at some of them to enhance your experience at the forum. ~ This is one of the largest at this moment and has the most active traffic. My username on this forum is "shanladams". If you want to sign up at The Free Lunch Room using me as a reference click HERE. ~ This one is fairly new. There are not many members here yet that didn't come from another forum, but it seems very promising. My username on this forum is "shanladams". If you want to sign up for IBrokeTheBank using me as a reference please enter my username in the "referred by" box during sign up. ~ This is one of the oldest freebie forums. There isn't as much traffic at this one as FLR, but it is not as saturated as FLR either. My username at this forum is "shanladams". If you want to use me as a reference to sign up at this forum click HERE. ~ This is a freebie forum that is actually owned by the site owner of git-r-free (one of the freebie networks). The style of this forum is a little different. It is somewhat more clean cut and there is a "swap" atmosphere instead of being more forum based. My username on this forum is "shanladams". If you want to use me as a reference to sign up for this forum click HERE. ~ This is more of an everything forum than a freebie trading forum. We do have some freebie trading on here, but it is more about having fun and there are things about our other businesses on here too. I am one of the mods on this forum, my mod name is mommashelper1 and my regular name is shanladams82. One of my good friends is the admin of this forum.


Jen said...

Hi Shannon, I just left you a comment on another post asking for information, but I think this post actually answers my question. I'm going to look at it more closely. Thanks! Jen

Shannon said...

Great. There are a couple of these forums that are very small and one might not be up anymore. I am going to have to update this post. The most important thing is if you found the free lunch room.

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