Monday, April 20, 2009

Cash Back on Shopping

There are many places you can get cash back for shopping online. Below I will list them all and have links to sign up. Whenever you know you want to shop at an online store you check each site and use the one that has the best return.

$5 sign up bonus. Up to 25% cashback on any purchases made using links through their site. They also give you coupon codes to use to get deals at the stores. They pay out quarterly to anyone who has $5.01 or more in their balance. They pay by check, paypal, or you can donate to charity.
Sign up to Ebates

No signup bonus right now. Up to 25% cashback. Codes for discounts at merchants. They pay out when you request it with a min bal of $5.01 by check. They have an awesome forum that people discuss deals on. (Where I got my Black Friday list for the past 2yrs.)
Sign up to FatWallet

Instead of cashback now this one collects the money for you to use towards college for you or your children. You get cashback for buying through online merchants, for using special grocery store cards, for using your credit card for certain restaurants, etc. They also have an e-coupon system. Use your grocery store member card and it will put the coupon amount towards your upromise account.
Sign up to Upromise

Live Search Cashback

Use MSN live search to purchase and get cash back. Min $5 to cash out by paypal, bank debit, or check.
Sign up to Live Search cashback

Up to 30% cashback. Coupons to online merchants. $10 min cash out and you choose check, paypal or donation and whether you are paid auto every certain days, every certain min bal, or whenever you request.
Sign up to Extrabux

Know of any other cash back sites? Leave a comment or email me and let me know.


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