Friday, May 8, 2009

New Freebie Trading Forum

There is a new freebie trading forum amongst us. It is Calistyle 101. Technically it has been open for awhile but the original owner sold it and now it is being run by TheFreebieGuy. Leslie has been very successful utilizing his blog so I have no doubts that this forum will also be very successful.

Even if you are a member at any other forums, it is always good to spread out and get some variety. The admins of each forum may have different demographics that they are able to bring in, enabling you a better variety of opportunity for success.

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I will be creating my trade thread there today (the thread that shows what freebie sites I am paying for) so check the site out.

As always if you don't feel like the hassle of signing up to a forum but still want to get some quick cash, feel free to check my May specials section (left column under categories) or click on one of the links in the My freebie Sites section (left column).

In the months to come I will give you guys my experience at this forum and give you an idea of how great it is going to become.


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