Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Todays Freebies

Todays Freebies Specials

Want to see what my freebie site specials for the day are without having to look through all of my posts? Whenever I have a new special I am going to label it Todays Freebies, now all you have to do is click on the Todays Freebies category at the top left of my blog and you will see the most recent specials that I am offering.

Today's special

$25 for Swiftrewards

Get paid real money in 4 easy steps!!

1. Sign up by clicking on the banner below

2. Decide which offers you want to do to get to 100%
(For instructions on the best way to do offers click here)

3. Complete offers and wait for credit to come through

4. Contact me to get paid $25!

The best part about this site if you are not familiar with freebie trading is that it is repeatable. This means that once you complete the 4 steps above and get paid by me, you can now use the site yourself. Once you have completed the offers and "greened" the site you never have to do offers on this site again. You can get your own referrals over and over. Your profit is whatever you get paid by the site minus what you pay your referral for completing the site for you.

For example: This site pays $40 for every referral that I get to sign up under my link. You complete the offers and now I can cash out for my $40. I have paid you $25 for completing the site for me so my profit is $15, and I can do this as many times as I want with as many referrals as I want, NO LIMITS!

By the way - You can pay your referrals whatever amount you want!!! I pay at least 50% on all of my sites!!


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