Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Earn FREE Stuff For getting Google results!!

Search & Win

Want to earn free giftcards just for searching? Just sign up with SwagBucks and then use them to search for anything you would normally search in Yahoo and Google for. The results are powered by Google and so they are great results.

The easiest way I have found to remember to search through them is to click on Toolbars on their home page and choose one of the plugins. I have never been a fan of real toolbars but if you like them you can get the toolbar. The plugins for each browser will just add a swagbucks option up at the top of your browser where you normally search in yahoo (IE7) or Google (Firefox). Instead of those it will add Swagbucks and you can just enter your search term.

I am a very low searcher and I have already earned 32 swagbucks. You can get a $5 amazon giftcard for 45 swagbucks and they have airline miles, giftcards, products, sweepstakes, anything you could want.

You also earn swagbucks for any of your friends searches too.

Sign up now for Swagbucks. You have nothing to lose. Why not get free stuff just for searching?

Search & Win


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Search & Win

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