Monday, November 30, 2009

New Auction Site!!! Awesome Deals!!!

Trusted site owner Steve of the previous PrizeOasis sites has opened a new auction site called BidOasis.

Its FREE to be a member and sign up. Each auction costs $3 to join but once you join an auction you get unlimited free bids on that auction. There are many auctions mainly for gift cards right now since the site is new but soon he will be adding electronics such as video game consoles and ipods. He even takes suggestions on what you would like him to offer.

Now is a great time to get in on the ground floor. There are only a few people signed up so far so I have seen auctions go for super cheap. Yesterday I saw a $50 gift card of winner's choice go for $2.15 (plus 4.99 shipping). That is a super SWEET deal!!!! Currently there is an auction for a $50 Walmart gift card going for $11 and still has some hours left on it. Why not make a lot by spending a little. Its like going to the store and paying 1/5 of the price of a gift card.

But what if I don't want to take the chance of paying $3 to bid on something and not win?

The best part is right now since the site is brand new he is having FREE auctions. Whoever wins the free auction gets 3 free credits for bidding. That is the entrance fee to one auction for FREE!!! AND if you get people to sign up for the site under you and they buy credits then you get 3 free credits for yourself for each one. So you could possibly NEVER pay the entrance fee for an auction EVER!

Follow the site on twitter and keep an eye on the bonus page and you can earn even more free credits.

Sign up today and get started bidding on some great deals! Of course if you are going to sign up I would greatly appreciate you using me link so here it is - BidOasis
HURRY right now there is a $50 paypal payment auction that has 30 minutes left and it is going for less than $4!!! How sweet is that? And no shipping charge on paypal payments so $3 entry fee plus $4 for the auction = $7 for $50 in your paypal account.

For all the skeptics (this would be me if I didn't know this site owner) here is a proof of payment picture for a payment I received from one of his older sites.



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