Monday, December 14, 2009

2009 Freebie Forum Overview

It has been an interesting year in the world of freebie trading. Here are the forums that are currently running, some information about them, and links to each.

I talked about this forum back in May. It is doing really well and getting up there pretty high in the website rankings. Leslie (thefreebieguy) owns this forum with Chris (Chrisdeals) and I would say they are doing a pretty good job. The forum is FREE to sign up to. You can upgrade to a silver membership which gets you some extra privileges and benefits on the site, but it is not necessary to be successful. One nice thing about this forum is that Thefreebieguy will provide you with a free mentoring site to promote your freebie trading business. The only catch is you have to pay for hosting through the hosting company that he provides a link to.

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Jaymans Freebie World
This is a new forum I just found out about. Most of the same users from the other forums are on this one too. This one is run by Jayman. This forum is FREE. One nice thing that I see on this forum already is that they offer incentives for you to participate in the forum. You can get free trade stickies (prime thread advertising) and free referral lottery entries just for reaching different levels of participation on the forum. There is no upgraded membership for this forum but they do sell stickies (that is where your thread is posted at the top above everyone else). They also have a section where you can post a link to your blog as long as you back link to everyone else who has links in there. You can even post your gpt or ptc sites in a section of the forum to trade.

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This is another new forum that I have come across. It is run by sharkboy. This one is very similar to Jaymans but you have to have a TR of 3 on his forum and minimum post count of 150 in order to create a trade thread. They also have sections for PTC and GPT sites. This forum has a neat feature called the referral bank where you can get free referrals. Basically, if you complete a site through the referral bank your referral link for that site gets added into the bank. Then your referral link will be randomly given to people that click to go to that site. You get free referrals that way and you don't pay them part of your profit.

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This is an older forum, the first one I ever signed up on and the one where all of my trade experience is at. It is low on the end of traffic at the moment and it seems there is some owner control transferring going on so I don't really have much to say about it right now. There has always been some really good information on this forum. At this time they have just updated their policy to where you can trade any site that is not a scam site. This is wonderful news that was just released because previously you could only trade sites listed and most of those save a few are newer sites that don't have much proof of reliability. This forum has an upgrade system that calls you "verified" and that allows you to buy stickies and get part of your money back if you are scammed by someone else who is verified.

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