Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Free Work From Home Information

Hey all,

I know most of you probably have at least some interest in making money online. Right now the owner of the freebie trading forum Calistyle101 (Leslie or thefreebieguy) is participating in a joint business product giveaway.

Over $1400 worth of free ebooks, video training and information on creating successful online business, blogging, social networking etc are included in this giveaway. Leslie has a report on freebie trading in there, psst it is product #5!

Just go here and see if there is anything that you may find of interest

**No one gets compensated in any way from using this specific link. They essentially just keep tallies on which product partner is bringing in how many interested viewers.**

There are 56 FREE download products from successful internet marketing specialists. (Actually Product #2 is only free if you complete a sponsors offer which I would not suggest doing because you can do sponsors offers by freebie trading and get paid to do them and then have a freebie site to work with) Out of those I have downloaded 45 so far (It would have been 46 but I did not get Product #2). I have 10 more to go and I will have all but 1 of them.

I plan to review each one as I get done reading it. Hopefully I will be able to give you some helpful insight to which products are actually helpful and worth the time. If you want to see my reviews on each product make sure to subscribe to my blog so you can be kept up to date.

By the way, don't worry about the products that they try selling to you when you click for the free report. You do not have to purchase those products to get your free gift. You are basically getting the free gift by giving them your email address (this puts you in their email subscription list) Everyone of them gives you the option to opt out if you don't like their emails. Personally, I look for content. After I get my free product I will continue to get their emails IF the emails actually contain content. If all they are doing is trying to pushing their affiliate products to sell them in every single email I will unsubscribe.

Tips to make downloading process smoother:

1. Try to create a new email account just for this, or use your email account that you use for free stuff that way your important email account isn't flooded with newsletters.

2. Create a folder on your computer to put all of your reports and ebooks in that you get from the giveaway. Also create a bookmark folder to bookmark any pages that have multiple video or download links on them so you can find it easily.

3. Try to avoid buying anything until you have at least read what they are giving your for free first. I know it says the offer at that price will only last 10 more minutes but in my experience it is still that price or maybe even less months down the road.

4. You will get a minimum of 2 emails for most of these reports. The first one will be asking you to confirm that you were interested in their newsletters (the reason they are giving you the free gift). Once you click on the link they will send you a 2nd email with a backup link to your free product. Keep the 2nd email in case you lose the file or the download messes up somehow.

Again if you want to get in on this giveaway of internet business products go HERE and see if there is anything that sparks your interest. There are lots of things like wordpress tips and tricks, how to market with twitter, how to make money blogging, etc.


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