Saturday, January 23, 2010

Giveaway Product Review - Train to Blog

The first product I am going to review from Giveaway 2010 is "Have a Full Cash Harvesting Blog in Under 1 Hour?!" The title of the e-book is actually Train To Blog and it is written by Michael Brown.

To see the master list of products from the Giveaway and to see other reviews check out the master post here.

Purpose: This e-book is meant to train you how to make money from blogging.

Pros: Some of the information in the e-book, Train to Blog, was great. There is some good information about using google keyword research programs to find out good keywords to use for the best traffic. He gives you the link to the free keyword program and everything and shows you by picture tutorial how to use it. He does a good job of explaining the purpose and need for this research. He also had some great information on how to set up a wordpress blog. This is great if you are going to use wordpress but if you use blogger or something else it isn't much help. He explains using pictures how to ad google adsense so you can make money and how to add a static page if you want one and how to add plug in widgets to make your blog useful. To be honest most of the Train to Blog is about wordpress and how to use it.

Cons: Besides explaining how to add google adsense to your blog Train to Blog doesn't really give you information on how to make money using a blog. It explains about keyword research (which is important) and how to set up the blog but that is it. What DOES actually teach you how to make money on your blog is the product that he is an affiliate for, Niche Blitzkrieg. The product costs $77 and it doesn't offer a discount when you try to close the window.

My opinion: Train to Blog is good for someone who needs some tips for setting up wordpress but you can get that information anywhere. I would NOT buy Niche Blitzkrieg. Too expensive. I have seen many cheaper products on the market for better stuff than that. What really turns me off from Train to Blog is not that he is promoting a product as an affiliate. He is trying to make money just like we are, but the fact that his e-book doesn't deliver what he says it does. It didn't teach me how to make money blogging. It taught me a little about enhancing my chances for it getting seen but that's about it. He also put cheap link plugs in there for the domain company and hosting company he is probably an affiliate for. He says you can have a cash harvesting blog in under an hour! You may have the blog itself in less than an hour and technically have google adsense on there but that doesn't do you any good. You are not going to have made any money off of adsense in less than an hour.

Like I said unless you want the Wordpress tips that you can get anywhere or you want to spend $77 on the product he is promoting, Train to Blog is not really worth the download. I am going to check the newsletter emails he sends me now, (the ones that I signed up for to get the free download) and if most of them are as lousy as this e-book I will unsubscribe. I may be wrong, he may have some good content in his emails, but from reading Train to Blog I am not getting my hopes high. I expect mainly emails with shameless plugs for this overpriced product.


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