Sunday, January 24, 2010

Have you heard of SWAGBUCKS

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I Just Won 2 Swag Bucks on

So who cares? You should! You can earn FREE Swagbucks by doing all of your searches through swagbucks instead of google or yahoo. You still get the same great google results combined with results from as well. Once you get a certain amount of swagbucks you can redeem them for prizes or giftcards. I usually get the $5 Amazon giftcard for 45 swagbucks but there are hundreds of other prizes to choose from.

I actually bought one of my son's Christmas presents just from free giftcards that I earned using Swagbucks. I also have another $20 worth in my Amazon account and am about half way to another one. It doesn't take up any extra time. If any of you have Firefox or IE7 or higher you know about the little search bar next to the URL. Usually it is defaulted on Yahoo or Google but there is a drop down arrow and you can choose other search options as well like Wikipedia, ebay, or amazon. Just go to the Swagbucks website and you can download a gadget that adds Swagbucks as one of the search options. Make it your default and every time you need to search for something just type it there. You don't even have to leave the web page your are currently on. If I am searching for something that Swagbucks isn't good at like an address that would require google maps or images after I do the initial search with Swagbucks I will pop the drop down menu and switch the search to google without even having to retype it.

Swagbucks also releases some codes that get you free Swagbucks. They will have Swag code searches or just give codes for different topics of the day.

Its a great way to get some free stuff without doing anything extra or special out of your way to get it. You also get a Swagbuck for every Swagbuck one of your referrals earns up to 100 SB

If you want to start earning free stuff just by searching you can sign up HERE


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