Friday, January 15, 2010

Help for Haiti

All of us have seen on the news about the devastation in Haiti right now. We all wish there was some way for us to help even if we don't have cash to donate.

Many of the blogs that I follow are having donation drives right now. Right now they are offering to donate certain amounts of money for every person that comments on their blog or leaves a link to their own blog talking about what they have done to help.

My family is going to be donating through the yele fund by texting yele to 501501. This organization was founded by Haitian born hip hop singer Wyclef Jean. For more information about this organization go to You can see his interview with CNN HERE

We are also going to be checking with the church that my daughter attends school at to see if they are accepting donations for any mission groups and donating toiletries or canned goods that I have stocked up on from using coupons.

I am also going to donate any Swagbucks I earn from today until they stop to the Haiti relief fund being run by swagbucks. They are going to donate money to 3 organizations (RedCross, Doctors w/out Borders, and depending on how many swagbuck donations they receive. If enough Swagbucks members donate and they reach a minimum of 25000 SB they will donate $1500. If they reach 1 Million SB donations then they will donate $100K. Read about what they are doing HERE (This should raise lots of money for Haiti. They did a Christmas Toy drive in the same fashion and the outpouring of generosity was amazing)

Finally, probably our biggest chance to contribute. I have heard on the news that as many as 4000 refugees and American citizens living in Haiti will be evacuated to Orlando and many more moved to other cities in Florida. If they need volunteers my kids and I are going to go and try to help out if we can. We will also be taking clothes and stuff I have been trying to sell for money for us to move, and if they are taking donations of clothing we will take as much of it as we can over there for the families that have lost everything.

MoneySavingMom has started what she calls the Help for Haiti project. She is donating $10 to Compassion International for every person that leaves a link on her blog to a blog post on their blog telling how they are personally helping the cause. If you don't have a blog she is donating $.30 (the equivalent of 1 meal) to Numana for every comment someone leaves on her blog telling how they are helping. So if you can't donate yourself or if you want another way to help go to her site and link or comment so that she will donate more.

On top of the $10 that she is offering she also has a list of well over 30 other mommy bloggers that are also offering donation matches for every comment or link on their blogs to help out. Just spend a few minutes and type up a blog post with how you are helping (that's what I just did) and go to every blog you have time to go to and comment or link to increase the donation amounts.

If I had the capital to do it I would donate for every comment or link on my blog but I don't so I plan on linking this post on every possible blog I can to help. My time is worth this effort.

I urge you to go to MoneySavingMom's site and comment or link and then go to all the other mommy bloggers sites and do the same thing so that you can help and it won't cost you a cent.


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