Sunday, January 24, 2010

Help Me Celebrate!!!!!

In celebration of my new Facebook page I am offering an extra $5 bonus to anyone who becomes a fan and does a trade on a freebie site with me. If you complete a site where the payout is less than $20 I will give you a $3 bonus.

Just click on my Facebook profile badge on the left side of the blog and become a fan. Then send me an email to thefreebiemom (at) gmail (dot) com and tell me your name and I will set you up with the freebie site and information you need to complete it.

* Don't know what Freebie Trading is? It is an industry built up of Incentive sites that pay you to complete trial offers for them and bring referrals to do the same thing. I get paid a certain amount to get referrals to sign up and then once you complete the required amount of trial offers I pay you no less than 50% of my payout for helping me out. That means if I get paid $40 then you get paid $20. (Add the bonus above and you are actually getting $25) Trial offers can be small web companies trying to expand their consumer base or large companies such as Netflix or This business is no different then the offers that you complete to get extra money for the Facebook games, or an advertisement that you may click on at a website. The difference is, I pay you cash money to complete the offers at the sites I am working with. (If the Facebook game money is that important to you, I have looked at the point values of some of the same offers and you could do the offer for me and use the paypal cash to pay for your game money and still have extra left over)

To learn more about Freebie Trading check out my introduction post HERE


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