Monday, January 25, 2010

New to Freebie Trading?

Are you new to freebie trading? Wanting to dive in but worried about getting scammed, not making any money, or other things?

Well put all of your fears aside. I have a beginners package for you called Freebies 4 Beginners. It consists of 4 well known and trusted sites and you will get paid by me for each of them.

The best part is that the first 3 you complete are GUARANTEED to credit because of promotions going on right now. That means as long as you don't give false information and you complete what you are supposed to, and save your proof of completing the offer, you WILL get credit no matter what!

Make sure to do cash.moneybonanzas first because their support team will walk you through step by step. No better way to make sure its done right then by the people working at the site right?

Cash.moneybonanzas ~ $20
When you sign up submit a support ticket at the site with the title "Guaranteed Green" before you complete any offers. Support will then walk you through getting a green on their site and guarantee the credit. You don't have to worry about the credit not coming through because they GUARANTEE that you will green. So this is an EASY $20 from me that you get guaranteed!

Budget.zipnadazilch ~ $10
Guaranteed credit promotion

Gooderthangrits.git-r-free ~ $15
Guaranteed credit promotion

40.ourloot2boot ~ $20

Complete all 4 sites above and get a $10 bonus. That is a total of $75 and don't forget if you become a fan of my new facebook page you get an extra $5 bonus on top of that too!
($10 bonus is paid with the final payment after the last site is completed)


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