Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Survey Company Review - Toluna

A couple of weeks ago I signed up with a new survey company called Toluna. So far I am happy to say it seems to be a pretty good company. I get offered a handful of surveys every week. I have qualified for about half of them. Each survey is worth $1-$3 depending on what parts of the survey you qualify for. Sometimes they send out higher worth surveys, (yesterday I got 1 that was worth $3)

When you sign up you get 500 points to start you out and if you complete advanced registration you get 1500 total for joining.

You get points for completing the surveys. Each $1 is worth 3000 points so a $3 survey gets you 9000 points. I usually try to avoid survey companies that run on points but I have already earned over 20000 points since I signed up on Dec 14 and you only need 60000 to get a check or paypal payment of $20. You can also get a $25 giftcard to pretty much anywhere for 75000 points. That is more than I have made in months or years at some other companies that I have experience with.

When you don't qualify for a survey they give you an entry into the monthly sweepstakes. Plus you get a free entry just for joining.

One downside I have noticed is that I have gotten a few errors when trying to do some surveys. Yesterday I had 3 different surveys give me errors, and support just send me an email telling me to try it again later. Haven't heard anything past that. It is a little annoying being given an error for a survey that I possibly could have qualified for.

You do get 500 points for referring a friend if they complete the advanced registration but there is no referral link. If you want me to invite you so you can help me get the 500 points let me know, otherwise just sign up with the general registration link below.

Join Toluna Survey Company

I will update you all once I reach my first cashout with my experience of that side. How long it takes to get it, if I actually get it, etc. I haven't decided yet whether to save up for a giftcard or to just get the paypal. (Paypal was just added this past week they used to only send checks)


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