Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Coupon Giveaway

Chris over at Turning Freebies into Cash is having a giveaway this week of 4 inserts of coupons out of the Sunday paper. Over $150 value. There are 4 ways to enter and he will be having giveaways twice monthly.

So head on over HERE and enter.

Using coupons is a great way to save money. I have been using coupons for years, but just this past 2 yrs I have gotten into them hardcore (I have a coupon binder with all my coupons organized and I buy 4 copies of the paper a week). I don't buy anything unless I have a coupon for it or it never has coupons (like meat and produce).

I have regularly saved over 75% of my grocery bills for the past 2 years. I spend less than $75 per week for a family of 4 and we have plenty to eat and good quality name brand stuff too.

I have gotten cookies, soda, chips, milk, bread, cereal, crackers, and frozen foods for FREE or almost free. Not to mention all of the toiletries such as shampoo, toothbrushes, and deodorant I have gotten for free. I even regularly get diapers and pull ups for less that $4 a package.

So what does it hurt if you want to try out couponing for yourself, this is a good way to get your coupon stockpile up to get started.

Just go here and enter to win 4 coupons inserts worth $150.


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