Monday, February 8, 2010

FREE Breakfast at Denny's

I thought it was awesome of them when they did this last year. Denny's is doing it again. One FREE Grand Slam per person between 6am and 2pm on Tuesday Feb 9.

Some locations may be very busy. Some times may be busier then others, but hey, its free food right!!!

Last year when we went we waited less than 45 min and we had 5 people 2 being small children so we had to wait for adequate seating. I remember them asking for parties of 1 and 2 people to fill smaller tables and they would pull them out of the line.

Details can be found HERE and there is also a chance to enter to win free grand slams every week for a year. Woohoo! Wouldn't that be an awesome win. You just have to become a rewards member if you aren't already one.
Being a rewards member gets you access to coupons and a free grand slam on your birthday.

When I signed up I got a coupon in my email for 20% off my entire purchase. And the website says anyone who signs up before Feb 14 gets a special surprise on Feb 28 (This should be the Free burger and fries coupon)

While you are eating for FREE tomorrow remember one thing. Even though you are getting the grand slams for free the wait staff still brings it to you and takes care of you as if it was a normal day (on top of probably being 10x's more swamped then usual). They are still doing their job, even more so! Make sure to tip on what the meal would have cost BEFORE the discount is taken!!!!


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